តើ YourBenefitsNow! ជាអ្វីទៅ?

YourbenefitsNow! គឺជាគេហទំព័រសំរាប់ប្រជាជនដែលរស់នៅក្នុង Los Angeles ខោនធី ប្រើក្នុងការដាក់ពាក្យសុំប្រយោជន៍ជំនួយ និង ពិនិត្យមើលប្រយោជន៍ជំនួយរបស់គេតាមបណ្តាញអ៊ីនធឺណិត ។ សូមចុចតំណការរុករកនៅកណ្តាលផ្ទាំងទំព័រដើម្បីចាប់ផ្តើម ។

នៅពេលបច្ចុប្បន្ននេះ, YourbenefitsNow! អាចប្រើបានសំរាប់កម្មវិធី CalWORKs, CalFresh, General Relief និង MediCal ។

Americans with Disabilities Act

តើអ្នកមានពិការភាពដែលធ្វើឱ្យមានការពិបាកសំរាប់អ្នកក្នុងការដាក់ពាក្យសុំប្រយោជន៍ជំនួយ ឬ ធ្វើតាមសេចក្តីតម្រូវនៃកម្មវិធីដែរឬទេ? យើងអាចផ្តល់ជូនអ្នកនូវជំនួយបន្ថែម។

ច្បាប់ការពារដល់មនុស្សដែលពិការផ្នែករាងកាយ ផ្នែកសតិអារម្មណ៍ និងមនុស្សពិការរាងកាយនិងផ្លូវចិត្ត ព្រមទាំងមនុស្សដទៃទៀតដែលមានបញ្ហាសុខភាពដ៏ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ ផងដែរ។

សូមចុច ទីនេះ ដើម្បីទាញយកកូនសៀវភៅផ្ទុកព័ត៌មានអំពី DPSS ផ្នែក ADA ។

សំរាប់ព័ត៌មានបន្ថែមស្តីអំពីរបៀបដែល DPSS អាចជួយអ្នកបាន ក្រោម ADA, សូមចុច ទីនេះ ដើម្បីចូលទៅកាន់គេហទំព័រ DPSS ផ្នែក ADA ។

តើខ្ញុំមានលក្ខណសម្បត្តិទទួលជំនួយ ដែរឬទេ?

តើអ្នកចង់ដឹងថាបើសិនជា អ្នកមានលក្ខសម្បត្តិទទួលជំនួយ ដែរឬទេ?


អាសយដ្ឋានការិយាល័យខណ្ឌ និង ពេលម៉ោងធ្វើការ

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Attention All EBT Users:

The EBT System will not be available for cash withdrawals or cash and food purchases from 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018 through 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 24, 2018. It is important that you withdraw the needed money and/or buy your food before June 23, 2018 as your funds will not be available until Sunday June 24, 2018 after 11:00 p.m. For more information about this message please contact our Customer Service Center at (626) 569-1399, (310) 258-7400, (818) 701-8200 or (866) 613-3777.


ALERT!!! Social Media, Telephone and Cell Phone Text Scam!

The EBT Cardholder Call Center reports that a comment posted on social media is advising cardholders to call
(877) 449-7795 and provide their card number and PIN to have their benefits posted right away.

This is a SCAM to obtain cardholder information. This is NOT a phone number associated with California EBT. It is important for you to protect your identity and case information. DPSS will never ask for your personal security PIN.

If you suspect that you are a victim of this scam, call the DPSS Customer Service Call Center at (866) 613-3777 for help right away.


Telephone and Cell Phone Text Scam!

DPSS has recently been made aware of a new telephone and cell phone text scam that is affecting DPSS customers/EBT cardholders! Scammers are identifying themselves as CalWORKs or Social Services and stating that your EBT card has been compromised or closed. The caller/text is then prompting the customer for his/her 16 digit EBT card number and security PIN. The text then prompts you to call a number to reactivate your card.

As a reminder, it is critical to maintain the confidentiality of your identity and your EBT card’s information. To help you reduce your risk of identity theft, unless while working with a case worker, the Department of Public Social Services will never require you to give us your personal information over the phone, by text message or via email. Protecting your information is one of the Department of Public Social Services’ main priorities. The only way we can safely accept your information at this time is by you submitting it through the Customer Service Center, Your Benefits Now, by fax, or in person at one of the department’s offices.

Here are a few ways to make sure your identity is not compromised:
• know who you share information with;
• store and dispose of your personal information securely, especially your Social Security number;
• ask questions before deciding to share your personal information;
• and maintain appropriate security on your electronic devices.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of this scam, please call the DPSS Customer Service Call Center at

Local Numbers:
(626) 569-1399
(310) 258-7400
(818) 701-8200
Toll Free Number:
(866) 613-3777

For additional information about scams, visit California EBT site.

Do You Have DPSS Mobile App?

Los Angeles County has a mobile phone application for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. You can get it from store by scanning the following QR codes, or searching DPSS Mobile App on Apple and Android marketplaces.
App Store Google play
App Store QR Code CLICK HERE Google play QR Code CLICK HERE

សំរាប់ព័ត៌មានអំពីសំណុំរឿង, សូមធ្វើការទាក់ទងទៅអ្នកកាន់សំណុំរឿងរបស់អ្នក ។
តើមានបញ្ហាផ្នែកបច្ចេកទេសក្នុងការប្រើប្រាស់គេហទំព័រនេះ ឬ? សូមទំនាក់ទំនងទៅ ប្រធានបណ្តាញ